The EHR Working Group aims to ensure that the ClinGen resource is designed to be accessible to providers and patients through electronic health record and related systems.


  1. Design strategies for accessing the ClinGen resource through the electronic health record using e-resource/infobutton standards proposed in meaningful use stage 3.
  2. Optimize the utility of the ClinGen resource by engaging key clinical stakeholders in its design and organization.
  3. Implement strategies for accessing the ClinGen resource through at least one electronic health record system and assess the generalizability to other clinical systems.
  4. Coordinate development of a plan for sustainability that outlines resources and processes needed to execute strategies for accessing the ClinGen resource through electronic health record systems.

Projects & Initiatives

  • Genomic Resources Search

    The Genomic Resources Search interface supports clinical genomics information needs by aiding the search for answers to genomics questions. By entering a disorder, a medication or a gene name, the user can search available ClinGen resources and many of the content resources listed on the page. A context-sensitive link for each relevant resource will be returned on the page, allowing the user to choose the resource that has most relevance to the question. Resources can be viewed on the page or in separate tabs.

Leadership & Members