Education, Coordination and Training

The Education, Coordination and Training Working Group aims to foster community engagement in all aspects of the ClinGen project through education, outreach, and resource development.

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  1. Facilitate training for internal ClinGen Expert Panel and comprehensive volunteer curators
  2. Coordinate external outreach efforts
  3. Develop continuing educational modules and web content
  4. Train new coordinators and communicate updates to experienced coordinators on ClinGen policies and procedures

Please contact a coordinator if you have questions.
Recruiting Volunteers

We work closely with the Community Curation Working Group to recruit volunteers to participate in ClinGen Curation activities.


We lead efforts to represent ClinGen at meetings through our exhibit booth and events. We also send out a quarterly ClinGen newsletter.

Curation Training

We have representatives from the Gene, Variant, Dosage, Actionability, and Somatic curation efforts. These representatives are responsible for developing, scheduling and hosting training sessions.

Continuing Education

We are developing continuing education opportunities for laboratory and clinical geneticists related to curation and data sharing.


Working Group Membership

Membership spans many fields, including genetics, medical, academia, and industry.