Data Model

The ClinGen Data Model Working Group was formed in order to:

  • Develop a core conceptual model and data dictionary for the purposes of informing all other WG related activities with respect to data structure and content
  • Provide a common and consistent set of definitions around the core concepts, attributes and terminology throughout the ClinGen domain
  • Provide consistent representation of the information housed in the ClinGen resources to the public.

The process by which the Data Model Working Group is approaching this set of goals is to:

  • Define small useful data subsets to model
  • For each such domain, create a conceptual data model and data dictionary to describe it.
  • Use the conceptual model to define a resource model that can be used as the basis for a messaging serialization
  • Create documentation and examples explaining the use of the conceptual and resource models.

Core Modeling Team

Projects & Initiatives

Leadership & Members

Danielle Azzariti, MS, CGC
Project Coordinator