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The CIViC Knowledge Model and Standard Operating Procedures for Curation and Clinical Interpretation of Variants in Cancer


CIViC - Getting Started

This video covers: Description of CIViC and its goals, Navigating through CIViC's core pages, Browsing, searching, and consuming knowledgebase content.


CIViC - Adding Evidence

This video covers: Scanning a publication for curatable details, Signing into CIViC to Add Evidence, Walking through the Add Evidence form, Viewing the submitted evidence.


CIViC - Editing Entities

This video covers: a brief introduction to editorial review and revision of a submitted evidence record in CIViC (


CIViC - Adding Source Suggestions

This video covers: how a CIViC user can suggest a source listed in PubMed, how to find the CIViC Source Suggestions queue, and how to communicate with other CIViC users with comments.

ViewCIViC - Adding Source Suggestions

Training Materials - May 19, 2020

ViewCIViC - Getting Started

Training Materials - April 17, 2018

ViewAdding Evidence to CIViC

Training Materials - April 17, 2018

ViewCIViC - Editing Entities

Training Materials - April 17, 2018