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Brain Malformations Gene Curation Expert Panel


Brain malformations comprise a group of genetic developmental brain disorders that present in childhood with intellectual disability, epilepsy, and other neurologic features, causing substantial morbidity, mortality, and health care costs. We now know that many cases of brain malformation are the result of rare, heritable causes; in other cases, they arise from de novo or somatic mutational events at the gamete or post-zygote stage. In all cases, establishing the correct genomic diagnosis is the cornerstone for proper clinical management.

We have assembled an Expert Panel with deep, diverse expertise in genetic human brain malformations, including clinical phenotyping, neuroimaging, genetics, neurobiology, and bioinformatics. We have included clinical-researchers with both bench and clinical expertise, including colleagues involved in ClinGen to facilitate integration of our findings into the ClinGen infrastructure. Our group represents innovative genomic research in brain malformation genetics, particularly somatic mutation gene discovery and single-cell genomic approaches to understanding the cell of origin of mutations associated with some malformations.

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Membership spans many fields, including genetics, medical, academia, and industry.



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