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Elizabeth Butler, MS, CGC

Liz graduated from the Genetic Counseling Program at the University of Cincinnati in 2003 and spent several years as a clinical genetic counselor in a general genetics clinic before starting work at GeneDx in 2008. She spent several years as a Senior Genetic Counselor assisting with the design and implementation of genetic testing panels for epilepsy, brain malformations, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. She now serves as the Director of Genetic Counseling Services, overseeing a team of more than 100 genetic counselors and genetic counseling assistants who support a broad range of genetic testing programs, including whole exome sequencing, neurogenetics, cardiogenetics, mitochondrial disorders, prenatal, and cytogenomics. Her primary interests include variant classification/interpretation and epilepsy genetic testing. Liz is a member of EpiGC, which seeks to promote access to quality genetics services for patients and families affected by epilepsy, and is also a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) Neurogenetics, Supervision, and Pediatrics Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

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